Cheddar Cheese. Mature or mild from £2.15/Kg. Free delivery > 500Kg.

Mozzarella and mozzarella cheddar mixes. Prices start at £1.85/Kg

We can supply stilton in many grades for use in manufacturing stilton based products.

Processed cheese or cheese substitute can be supplied in chubs for burger slicing

We add our customer choice of additives. Here shown bacon or anything NPD require.

The full flavoured Italian favourite, Grana Padano and Regato also available.

For manufacture of ready meals and sauces. Cheddar, Stilton, Brie.

Goat cheese from France homogenised and pasteurised here in Devon.

Welcome to European Foods - First for Cheese.

European Foods Ltd manufacture probably the best tasting cheese substitute in Europe. We can mix this with colour identical natural cheeses to save manufacturing cost. Many customers use this cheese substitute as a 100% replacement for cheese with a saving of over 50% on cheese price. If you are a food manufacturer or caterer we can supply you with cheese to suit your specific requirements - paying particular attention to flavour, melt, colour and price. We supply cheese substitute which looks and tastes like cheese at less than 50% of the price of cheddar. Think of the savings! Cheese substitute can be delivered to you in a variety of packaging with labels to suit your needs.