Liquid Cheese

Manufacturers looking for greater control over raw materials are turning to liquid cheese. The ability to accurately measure the dose of liquid cheese being delivered gives you an extra advantage in cost control and product consistency.

Liquid cheeses can be made to your exact specification and thus maintain existing product performance or we can develop a liquid cheese in partnership with you to achieve your aims. All our products can be delivered to you in a variety of packaging with labels to suit your needs.

Liquid cheese are the preferred raw material in the production of all cheese sauces. They impart a strong taste of the original cheese but are far easier to handle and impart massive savings.

Varieties include mature cheddar, stilton, brie gouda, edam, and Red Leicester each of which we can pack to your requirements. Liquid cheeses have all gone though a pasteurisation cycle so, unlike raw cheese, they sit happily alongside mayonnaise in sandwiches and salads without making it 'split'.